how the SUPER LIFE SAVER game works

Educating school aged children at an early regarding the basics of CPR is not only an invaluable and practical life skill but also a lot of fun!


Adults and children are regularly exposed to real-life hospital or dramatic TV shows where cardiopulmonary resuscitation is performed to revive an individual and ultimately save a life. While kar-dee-o-PUL-muh-nair-ee rih-suh-sih-TAY-shun) sounds like a complex medical process, CPR as it is commonly referred to, is a step by step process that is easily taught to adults as well as school aged children and the best part is… it saves lives!



It’s shocking to hear that, between July 2015 and June 2016, 280 people drowned in Australian waterways, a figure that has increased dramatically by 23% compared to 2015. With chilling statistics like this, it's no wonder that Australian Royal Lifesaving promote that ‘CPR skills for first responders is extremely important for reducing drowning deaths’ each year.


The innovative Super Life Saver board game merges essential lifesaving skills into a fun-filled game experience suitable for the whole family. By playing and understanding the game, your child will quickly develop a greater awareness of CPR steps, water safety, first aid and emergency response.


The game highlights the fact that anyone can save a life with a little basic knowledge. Super Life Saver game is an introduction to learning the basics of CPR, first aid and water safety. Doing something is always better than doing nothing.


Already a hit at home with families, Super Lifesaver is also a fantastic educational tool used in schools, libraries, early learning centres and swim schools.


It’s widely believed that children learn social behaviour and actions by observing others and role modelling behaviours. Super Life Saver embraces these principles by actively engaging child and adult together in a game that introduces practical survival skills in an interactive scenario based environment.


So what are you waiting for? Order your copy of Super Lifesaver today!


1 game + postage and handling - $49.95 + $15 P&H = $64.95 (Australia-wide)